Control Constructs


Control constructs are essential for a program to do complex work. Dao supports the comm
on controls such as: if-else, for, while, do-while, switch-case,  break and skip etc.


dao.control--| dao.control: Control Constructs (8.6 KB)
             |--if-else------| dao.control.if-else: If-Else Conditional Control (2.8 KB)
             |--for----------| dao.control.for: For Looping Control (2.8 KB)
             |--while--------| dao.control.while: While Looping Control (0.7 KB)
             |--do-while-----| dao.control.do-while: Do-While Looping Control (0.6 KB)
             |--switch-case--| dao.control.switch-case: Switch-Case Control (1.3 KB)