By Limin Fu. Released under the GNU Free Documentation License. 

The Online Help Module


Module help is an integrate help system to provide convenient online help for Dao. This 
module provides a single type named help and a singleton object named __helper__. The sin
gleton object has no particular use except that it will be the only instance object to be
returned by the initializer of help. The type help provides several of initializers and s
tatic methods to access the help system: 
  1. help(): see for details; 
  2. see for details;
  3. help.load(): see help.method.load for details;
  4. help.export(): see help.method.export for details;
  5. help.list(): see help.method.list for details; 

To understand how to write help files for this help system,  please see help.format.


help--| help: The Online Help Module (7.1 KB)
      |--format--| help.format: Format of The Help Files (3.5 KB)
                 |--help----| help() (1.8 KB)
                 |--search--| (0.0 KB)
                 |--load----| help.method.load: help.load() (0.0 KB)
                 |--export--| help.method.export: help.export() (0.3 KB)
                 |--list----| help.method.list: help.list() (0.2 KB)