Dao Language supports a rich set of operators to facilitate the writing of more expressi
ve scripts. Many of these operators can be used for different data types.

Please note, in the following operators that involve one or more arrays, those operators 
are done in element-wise.


dao.operator--| dao.operator: Operators (8.0 KB)
              |--arithmetic---| dao.operator.arithmetic: Arithmetic Operators (0.8 KB)
              |--comparison---| dao.operator.comparison: Comparison Operators (1.0 KB)
              |--logic--------| dao.operator.logic: Logic Operators (0.3 KB)
              |--bitwise------| dao.operator.bitwise: Bitwise Operators (0.4 KB)
              |--assignment---| dao.operator.assignment: Assignment Operators (2.1 KB)
              |--typecast-----| dao.operator.typecast: Type Casting Operators (0.3 KB)
              |--misc---------| dao.operator.misc: Miscellaneous Operators (2.6 KB)
              |--overloading--| dao.operator.overloading: Operator Overloading (0.1 KB)