Dao Grammar Specifications


This documentation includes the specifications for the grammar of Dao. It is mainly for 
advanced users and language specialists who want to  go into the details of the language.


dao.grammar--| dao.grammar: Dao Grammar Specifications (24.6 KB)
             |--notation----| dao.grammar.notation: Grammar Notations (1.0 KB)
             |--lexical-----| dao.grammar.lexical: Lexical Structures (7.3 KB)
             |--constexpr---| dao.grammar.constexpr: Constant Expressions (3.5 KB)
             |--typename----| dao.grammar.typename: Type Name (3.1 KB)
             |--expression--| dao.grammar.expression: Expressions (4.0 KB)
             |--statement---| dao.grammar.statement: Statements (4.0 KB)
             |--routine-----| dao.grammar.routine: Routines (Functions) (1.0 KB)
             |--class-------| dao.grammar.class: Class (0.4 KB)