Constants, Variables and Invariables


Dao supports the explicit declaration of constants, local variables, static variables, g
lobal variables and invariables.

  Keyeord  In Top Scope       In Local Scope    In Class Body              
  const    Global Constant    Local Constant    Class Constant             
  var      Global Variable    Local Variable    Class Instance Variable    
  invar    Global Invariable  Local Invariable  Class Instance Invariable  
  static   Static Variable    Static Variable   Class Static Variable      


dao.data--| dao.data: Constants, Variables and Invariables (5.7 KB)
          |--const---| dao.data.const: Constants (0.9 KB)
          |--var-----| dao.data.var: Variables (1.0 KB)
          |--invar---| dao.data.invar: Invariables (2.0 KB)
          |--static--| dao.data.static: Static Variables (1.3 KB)