By 傅利民. Released under the GNU Free Documentation License. 




daovm--| daovm: 道虚拟机(版本2.0) (33.7 KB)
       |--interface-----| daovm.interface: 使用Dao的C语言接口编程 (33.7 KB)
       |                |--embedding--| daovm.interface.embedding: 嵌入道虚拟机 (7.8 KB)
       |                |--extending--| daovm.interface.extending: 扩展道虚拟机 (26.0 KB)
       |--architecture--| daovm.architecture: The architecture of the Dao Virtual Machine (0.0 KB)
                        |--vmspace------| daovm.architecture.vmspace: Virtual Machine Space (0.0 KB)
                        |--namespace----| daovm.architecture.namespace: Namespace (0.0 KB)
                        |--class--------| daovm.architecture.class: Class (0.0 KB)
                        |--routine------| daovm.architecture.routine: Routine (0.0 KB)
                        |--process------| daovm.architecture.process: Virutal Machine Process (0.0 KB)
                        |--instruction--| daovm.architecture.instruction: Virtual Machine Instructions (0.0 KB)