Dao Installation


 0.1   Compiling and Building  

The recommended way to compile Dao is to run the following from the shell: 
   1  $ make -f Makefile.daomake PLATFORM
where PLATFORM can be one of the followings: 
  *  linux
  *  macosx
  *  freebsd
  *  mingw
  *  minix
  *  haiku 

Dao uses DaoMake, which is a make tool based on Dao (see tool.standard.daomake), as the d
efault building system. Running the above make command will make a bootstrap build of Dao
Make, and then use the bootstrapped DaoMake to configure a full build of  Dao and its mod
ules and tools and generate appropriate make files for building and installation.

 0.2   Customized Building  

Build mode (release, debug or profile) and installation directory can be set by:  
   1  $ make -f Makefile.daomake PLATFORM MODE=debug INSTALL=directory

Out of source building can be done by executing the following from the build directory: 
   1  $ make -f DAO-DIR/Makefile.daomake PLATFORM SRCDIR=DAO-DIR

Please read Makefile.daomake for more options such as making static build and compiling t
o JavaScript etc.

 0.3   Installation  

Simply run the following to install, 
   1  $ make install