Class for Object-Oriented Programming


Class is a user-defined data structure that supports data abstraction, encapsulation, po
lymorphism and inheritance etc. A class data strucutre is defined by composing data field
s and member methods in a meaningful way that defines the states and behaviours for the i
nstances of the class. It is commonly used to do Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).


dao.class--| dao.class: Class for Object-Oriented Programming (9.2 KB)
           |--definition---| dao.class.definition: Definition (4.7 KB)
           |--inheritance--| dao.class.inheritance: Inheritance (1.7 KB)
           |--operator-----| dao.class.operator: Operator Overloading (1.6 KB)
           |--mixin--------| dao.class.mixin: Mixin Class (0.8 KB)