1   Changes in 2016     
 1   Changes in 2016     
 1   Changes in 2016     

 1.1   Changes in the language  

  *  Removed function decorator and class decorator;
  *  Improved concrete interface such that it can replace function and class decorators;
  *  Removed support for syntax macros;
  *  Removed support for customized processing of verbatim strings;
  *  Changed index ranges from close-close to close-open ranges; 

 1.2   Changes in the internal implementation and programming interface  

  *  Changed DaoTypeBase to DaoTypeCore for type definition;
  *  Added type checking and execution functions for standard operations to DaoTypeCore;
  *  Added comparison and hashing functions to DaoTypeCore;
  *  Added support for sandboxed vm-spaces that share nothing but the common core data an
     d garbage collector;